"Joy is not like happiness, it's deeper than that...it's a state of constant gratitude."

 - Sharon Lynn Coleman

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6-Week Zoom Course

 This is an intensive 6 week workshop that will help you tap in to your inner wisdom. You will learn the "Mind over Mind" technique .– Wake up to the truth of who you really are!! We dig deep into some of your sub conscious patterns and blocks that have led your life to be exactly where it is at this point.  We discuss how our mind is programmed to protect you and keep you safe which is to keep you in your same known reality. Many people live out their life believing they are the thoughts that go through their mind and the emotions that correlate to those thoughts. However, We dig deep into some of your sub conscious patterns and blocks that have led your life to be exactly where it is at this point. We are excited to support you with a FaceBook Group in which you will interact with other wonderful women and learn to fall head over heels in love with yourself! You will leave with real tools and a new group of friends to love and support you on your journey to Joy.

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Coaching Program

Gain exclusive mentorship from Sharon. She will go in depth with you to identify your habits and natural patterns that are holding you back from the abundant life you want and deserve. She will work with you side-by-side to develop a plan to move quickly towards living the life of Joy and Financial Freedom that is your Birthright!

One-on-one mentorship

One-On-One Mentorship

Join Sharon for a day of self-love as you unlearn the script that has kept you from living your Joy. You will gain confidence as you learn to Identify and Fire your Inner Critic.  You will also understand how to move past the habit of over- giving to others and start giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. You will learn to open your receiver and attract good to flow into your life.A one hour private session is included with Sharon the week after your workshop to answer any questions you may have. You will also gain access into our Joy of Living facebook group where a new group of friends will support you on your journey to Joy ! 

In-Person Workshops

Meet the Team


Sharon was living a life of depression and alcohol abuse

at the age of 26. She wanted to take her own life and 

in desperation she hit her knees and cried out to God for help

Within 4 days she met her Mentor Ann who

changed her life forever. She has had an abundant, joyful life

and is now mentoring others to do the same. 


Francie went from living on the street at the age of 15 to overcoming a serious drug addiction. She has a huge heart for helping others. She has invested the last 17 years as an esteemed business leader overseeing a multi-million dollar corporation. 


Bonnie is compassionate and loving she strives to help others be the best self they can be. She has a devotion to develop her teams so they can thrive in business and in their personal lives. She has been a beloved leader for over 17 years.

"Sharon’s experience and knowledge of how the mind works, her supportive loving approach, her willingness to share her own challenges and her genuine interest in my learning to love myself has made this workshop an unforgettable experience. I know I will never feel the same about myself again and I am grateful" -Judy