Self Care Habits to Start

Hello beautiful friends,

I have a few self care tips for you today. although I have done a great deal of work on myself I still have moments when my inner critic rears her ugly head ! LOL I have put in place things to help me on my journey, so I wanted to share some tips with you:

1. Be willing to try a few methods- You are going to try a few things before you find out what works for you, your life and schedule – just like an exercise workout. We don’t know what we like until we try it first right? The key is just starting talking positive to yourself.

2. Check out your circle - Give yourself a check, are you even surrounding

yourself with people that are positive and are going to help build you up?

3. Reminders in your phone - Set up kind loving reminders in your phone. Make your screen saver say Hello Gorgeous !

4. Stand in front of the mirror: Start your morning off or end your day with standing in front of the mirror saying 3 kinds things about ourselves even on the sad, hard, rough days (its worth it, I promise)

5. Write sticky notes: Put them in your lunch box, purse, car or on your mirror saying whatever works for you. Yes write your self love notes where ever works for you

6. Be Generous and Spread it to others that need to hear it -Remember to share kind affirmations and words with others. Maybe that is verbally or written or voice message- no form is wrong and all are helpful.

7. When you forget just start again -Somedays you will fall into old habits and other days you will just forget, when that happens dust off the mess and get right back to your routine of positive thoughts.

8. Become your best friend: Never give up on yourself, ever and always give yourself self-love. This is always important for growth and to see your true value.

9. Find your Happy activities- I am big on finding music that speaks to my soul. Find songs that speak to you and make you come alive and dance your way through life!

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