Silencing your Inner Critic

Negative self-talk... We all do it... we wouldn't be human if we didn't. You know the things you say to yourself when you make a mistake or worse yet the things you say when you believe you ARE the mistake? These negative words that come from inside our own mind have the power to make us doubt our worthiness, our beauty, and our brilliance. My own inner critic as I like to call it used to undermine my life in really devastating ways. I gave it the power to stop me from realizing my dreams , from authentically connecting with others and from realizing financial freedom . You see I believed what it said 100% of the time.... until I realized where the negative thoughts came from .

Negative self-talk has been programmed into our mind from many different sources. They are impressions that we accepted as true, that we gathered from our parents, our friends, ourselves, teachers etc. .These impressions occurred when we were very young. Yep, that's right they are all from the dusty past .

There is a way to quiet your self-critic and remove the believability from the negative self-talk you have used to torture yourself. It's actually simple. You need to be willing to examine these beliefs closely and objectively with your now adult mind . I mean after all if they are going to have the power to undermine your self-worth they are worth a good look right ? My suggestion is that you write down on a piece of paper a couple of them that bother you the most. Then write the #' numbers 1, 2 and 3 underneath each thought. That is where you are going to write down three factual evidence based statements that prove your negative self talk is true. Not a feeling, not your opinion or someone else's but true evidence . Evidence is defined as the available body of facts or information that proves a belief is valid.

The good news is that there is NO evidence. our negative self talk is simply not true. I have looked at mine and have walked 100's of people through this exercise. No one has ever come up with actual evidence. It's time to stop letting these negative , critical messages rule our actions. The last action in this process is to re- write your negative self talk in opposite and place the new positive messages on your mirror where you can see them daily. Repeat them to yourself frequently! Life is simply to short to spend time criticizing ourself unnecessarily . We are 100% capable of finding new ways to practice self-love and silencing your inner critic is a good place to start.

Love to you all!


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