Sharon Lynn Coleman

Sharon is a Seasoned Corporate Executive with over 35 years of experience in self-development and leadership. She has mentored 100's of individuals struggling with personal life and work challenges.  She studied extensively with many of the top names in self -improvement and neurology. Her journey began at the age of 26 when she met her phenomenal mentor Ann. Ann's  deep faith, intuitive gifts were to change her life forever. Over the next 24 years her mind, life and career were altered dramatically from the inside out. 

Years of experience make her an extraordinary mentor today.  When she began her journey she was an insecure woman struggling to make peace with herself, her background and the world around her. Today she is a joyous and heart centered survivor thriving in her daily life despite life's challenges. She went on to become a successful business leader and entrepreneur leading teams of 1000's  while managing over a Billion dollars of business across the U.S.. Her passion today is introducing other women to the tools that led to her incredible turnaround. She has a huge heart and a passion for helping others to live a journey of Joy!